1979 Gibson T-Top Humbucker "Quick Repair"


I recently discovered a capped Gibson humbucker that the seller declared to be "defective" because it only had a DC resistance of 3.7 kOhm.


He stated that he removed this pickup from the neck position on his 1979 Gibson Les Paul Standard in the mid-80s and then wrapped it in a cloth and stored it in a box for 35 years.


The pictures clearly showed the Pat.No. 2,737,842 and the stamped date August 27, 1979 and you could see that the cap had already been opened once. This of course made me curious because the DCR value of 3.7 kOhm indicated that only one coil could work. (Either because one was defective and disconnected, or because someone had installed a permanent coil tap)


I bought the pickup and was surprised.


After removing the cap and removing a small piece of electrical tape, I could see it:


It's a T-top humbucker and as expected, only one coil was actually soldered on!! - Only the slug coil was soldered.


I quickly measured the screw side coil and was relieved: it was intact!!


So I dismantled the slug coil to get to the soldering points:


Cleanly soldered and the soldering points insulated with shrink tubing, the whole thing looked like this:

Measuring the DC resistance showed: 7.67 kOhm


Here are a few more photos before the cap was put back on:





An extensive test in an SG confirmed: The pickup is cured!!!

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